Ancanthe Park Master Plan 2
Ancanthe Park Master Plan 1

Ancanthe Park Master Plan

Ancanthe is a small temple-like, museum built in 1843 at the direction of Lady Jane Franklin to enrich the cultural life of the fledgling colony. Ancanthe represents the high ideals of an earlier era, when Lady Franklin sought to create a ‘cultured centre within the wilderness’.

The master plan provides Council with a ‘blue print’ to guide use and management of the Park. It has been prepared with respect for Lady Franklin’s vision, the natural values of the Park and the community’s interest in the site as a place of significant heritage value.

The master plan promotes informal uses that respect the serene atmosphere created by the ‘temple’. In doing so, the plan addresses the need to upgrade the park’s infrastructure, refine the park’s landscape, link it with the wider setting and enhance its usage.