• Kangaroo Bay Urban Design Strategy
  • Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Strategic Master Plan
  • Queens Domain Master Plan
  • Mt Nelson Residence
  • Montrose Bay High School
  • Mt Buffalo Chalet Master Plan
  • Hydro Tasmania
  • Wilkinsons Point - Elwick Bay Master Plan
  • Glenorchy CBD Strategic Framework
  • East Coast Visitor Centre

Landscape Architecture

The difference between a ‘place’ and a ‘space’ is that a place is attuned to local conditions and people enjoy being there. There is a connection between the character of the landscape, what is built and how the building takes place. The finely-tuned logistics go unnoticed and the experience of being there is welcoming, enlivening, memorable and, dare we say, inspiring.

We have all the landscape architecture skills your project needs – the art and the science that are the core of our profession.

We regularly combine our skills with those of other professions. We will add vitality, sound logic and inspiration to your project, so that you and your community can live comfortably, safely, enjoyably in your place.