Hydro Tasmania 1
Image: Jonathan Wherrett
Hydro Tasmania 2
Image: Jonathan Wherrett
Hydro Tasmania 3
Image: Jonathan Wherrett
Hydro Tasmania 4
Image: Broderick Photography

Hydro Tasmania

The project called for the hard and soft landscaping of a new corporate headquarters for Hydro Consulting including design for the building surrounds, as a ‘wild exterior’ and three courtyards (the ‘cultured’ core), each addressing a different design program (activity, reflection and memorial).

It provides a leading example of environmental sustainability in Tasmania and was the first 5 Green Star rated office building in the State. Its highly visible location on the Tasman Highway, eye-catching sculpture and streamlined architecture framed with healthy, artfully designed native plantings and thriving wetland has raised public awareness for quality ‘green’ design.

Awarded an Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (Tasmania) Project Award for Design in Landscape Architecture in 2009 with a Special Citation for Innovation.