Montrose Bay High School 1
Image: Jonathan Wherrett
Montrose Bay High School 2
Image: Jonathan Wherrett
Montrose Bay High School 3

Montrose Bay High School

Inspiring Place was engaged by BYA Architects to detail, design and document hard and soft landscaping for new courtyards and arrival experience.

The project created external courtyard spaces for a vibrant new ‘big picture’ school to meet a range of pedagogical and social agendas in support of the school’s mission to provide a caring, supportive and stimulating educational environment.

The arrival area was designed to provide a clear arrival sequence, assisting visitor orientation, borrowing spectacular views to the broad landscape and creating a ceremonial promenade. Seating areas and generous gathering spaces were provided at the entries to buildings including the Performing Arts Centre.

Inspiring Place created pedestrian passage, viewing areas, amphitheatre steps and gathering spaces that allow for spontaneous and planned events as well as necessary all-abilities access.