Mt Buffalo Chalet Master Plan & Conservation Management Plan

The Mt Buffalo Chalet ceased operations as a visitor facility in 2007 and in 2013 funds were made available to refurbish the building and establish day use facilities there.

Inspiring Place was engaged by MGS Architects to assist with the assessment of the landscape setting of the Chalet and to develop a schematic approach to future landscaping of the site within the context of a Conservation Management Plan for the heritage garden.

The CMP identified the importance of the garden to the significance of the Chalet as an early and long successful tourism resort.

The Master Plan reaffirms the values inherent in the history of the Chalet and outlines how these can be rejuvenated and expanded to create a modern visitor experience. The Plan addresses the need to stabilise a deteriorating and over-scaled asset, whilst spurring the imagination and enthusiasm for change worthy of the Chalet’s grand past.